Ribbon Skirt Man In The Moon

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The artist named this skirt the Man in the Moon as the colors resembles a Sunset of the Northern Lights. The gold represents the sunlight between the Earth and Moon.  She added the 7 gems on the skirt in relation to the Lakota Star Knowledge of the Big Dipper.  Laying FLAT this skirt has an elastic waist that measures approx 12-1/2" wide, and approx 20" wide at the bottom, it is approx 27" long.

About the Artist - she refers to herself as Shining Star Woman (her Lakota name).  She is half Oglala (Lakota) and half Sisitowan, Wahpetonwan and Mdewakantanwan (Dakota) and is an enrolled member of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate.  She has a three year old son and is a widow as her husband passed away per Suicide in May 2018.

Why Ribbon Skirts?  As a little girl she used to dance at powwows, attend ceremonies and bead.  Music and creating art is her therapy. She studied therapeutic massage and is a firm believer in the power of prayer, touch, words and alternate forms of medicine. With her own personal trauma as well as inter-generational trauma, she is refusing to be afraid to shine anymore.  She embraces the new and old ways of her culture.  Which is why her skirts are an innovation of the two and she chooses to share a piece of her soul in each one.